31 Dec

A year is past and a year begins.
2012 was good, but I can’t put it to words nearly as beautifully as Latte. Instead, I want to talk about what comes now.

On Sunday our minister said an important thing: One thing – maybe the only thing – that we can be certain of in this next year is that God will love us. We can project and predict about other things, but God’s love is certain.

“Are you a Christian who lives as if God were not your first love? Are you a Christian who does not grow, but simply survives from day to day?” came the questions. As they were spoken, I thought yes, yes; I am weak and pathetic and so self-centered. And I was expecting a “Well, stop that,” but instead the man said, “I have good news. God is here, and He will be here all through the next year.”

I felt Latte’s pain and yearning when she asked me, in that city of lights and people, where God was, why He was being so silent. The only thing I knew how to say was that she should just keep on trusting, keep on trusting. I can’t speak for her – she already has – but things seem to be beginning to get right. Just yesterday I told her how I worry about her loneliness and she said, “I’ve just learned lots of things”. Learning continues across years, and for God, a thousand years is like a day. Life is a complex thing, and we learn things and forget things and experience things, but one thing is certain about the time to come: God, the Alpha and the Omega, will be with us in 2013.

So here it is. Latte’s and my 2013 will be a continuation of something that began in April for me and September for her. It will be a continuation of something that began in January 2011 for both of us. It will be a continuation of our lives, working under a plan that God has had for us since the beginning of time. Let us not become complacent! Let us not work from day to day, surviving the moment. Instead, let us make God our first love. What will Jesus find going on in our house when He comes to knock? What would we tell Him, how would we treat Him? Let’s make God – the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost – our first love, and live our lives as if he is, as indeed he is, in our house.

In his Screwtape Letters, CS Lewis, from the perspective of a demon in Hell, makes reference to those Christians who shine brightly, and under a light so that nothing can harm them spiritually. He doesn’t elaborate on this, but what Christian has read such a passage and not thought “I want to be like that”? Let’s work for that. It seems such an obvious goal, but nevertheless, let’s go for it. Latte and I, working together for God.

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