Cheering against the dead

10 Apr

So, Margaret Thatcher died this week.

Look at that video, then look at the top two comments (as of time of writing):

“Her last wish was to be cremated, unfortunately there’s no coal left.”

“Unlike many other pensioners in this country, I don’t think Thatcher will ever have to worry about feeling the cold.

Burn in hell you heartless bitch!”

Thatcher was clearly not very popular. In fact, it seems she was so unpopular that people cheered in the streets when the news came through. Enough people were happy about it that people made jokes about her being in Hell, to the point where a Christian friend of mine cheerfully posted the link above on his Facebook page.

I have never seen this sort of reaction to the news of someone dying. Even Osama bin Laden’s death yielded a reaction more of relief than genuine cheer, presumably because he was still active in some way up to the point of his death.

But regardless of what you think of her politics, Thatcher was out of office for a long time. She’s been out of politics for what, 20 years? Was she posing some sort of risk for those who didn’t like her politics? No. All this cheer is out of spite.

I just don’t know what more to say about this.

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