In this photo

11 Jul


In this photo you are holding Katniss, a little black furball of love and instinct. She sits serenely in your arms, knowing that is all she ever need do to be happy. She’s wearing a little baby’s sweater for the Purdue Boilermakers – the Athletics team there – in a little school-pride display neither of you – or me! – ever particularly cared for. I’m not sure, but I think you’re wearing a Purdue jumper too. It’s pink in its writing and grey in everything else. You’d think grey were a colour for us but it’s the colour of the skies we walk under in slow happiness.

So you’re both wearing Purdue merch in Philadelphia. It’s cold, a fact evident not just from your hoodies but from that plastic bag of catnip next to you. Somehow I can only picture Katniss, the little rug, eating that catnip with a fire crackling merrily away in the fireplace behind you, even though there’s no such thing anywhere in the house.

You’re smiling at me. A happy mother to a happy cat, waiting to marry a happy man. Your hair is just right – it flows across one eye and back, clearing your cheek and resting over your shoulder, like that of a nonchalant teen. Your head tilted in just that way to nestle Katniss close to you, simultaneously cocking it sweetly at me. Did you stage this? If you were self-conscious, you would have fussed. But you weren’t, and you didn’t. So you lived the life, in that brief moment, you wanted from me, and my eyes drank it up.

This room, messy as it is (yes, it is!) might as well be our coffee shop: you might be sitting in a wooden, smoothly polished chair, while a family discusses their daughter’s future behind you. I might be in one just the same, frowning over my latte at my tablet screen. Maybe the catnip is cookie crumbs from that little baked snack we share – and is that a fireplace on the back red brick wall there?

The things in common are you and me, and this is where we’re going. Hot drinks in cold climes, we can load through life together, working with each other and, in the gaps between the busy-ness, just a bit of coffee in between.

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One response to “In this photo

  1. Christina

    October 26, 2015 at 11:50 pm

    亲爱的,我这些天表面波澜不惊,内心却经历了翻江倒海,大起大落,自我毁灭与重建真的不是虚词。好想和你叙一叙旧,聊一聊人生,在你身边和你说上一天一夜。开题近在眼前,我也只能放手一搏。 今天脑袋里想到了那句“至若春和景明,波澜不惊,上下天光,一碧万顷”,才觉得心情有些明媚起来。忙里偷闲,也来逛逛你的Blog,随便捡了个地方就写评论了,不怪我吧…人生该是如此纠结反复,只是我以前期待太多,也是基督教里说到的罪吧。说不清楚,太混乱…盼哪日能与你再相见!

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