Angela’s speech at our wedding

26 Aug

My name is Angela, and I am very happy to be here tonight/today to celebrate the wedding of my dear friend Sophie and her new husband Wouter. Sophie, you look absolutely stunning tonight. Wouter, I have to say that you are such a lucky man!

Sophie and Wouter met in college and they had experienced together for five years before they now finally enter the marriage hall. One in America and one in Australia. 14 hours lag and more than 10,000 miles apart. I cannot imagine how these two hearts are coming all the way through with this long distance. The separation and reunion in the airport are the best witnesses of their love. I had never been to America, but I know how painful to take a long trip by plane with jet lag. I must say that Wouter has been fighting through to Sophie. He proved himself with his love, determination and persistence. The point is that they finally make everything happen, and here today we can get-together and celebrate it.

Sophie and I met in college in China, which quite frankly, seems just like yesterday on one hand…and like a million years ago on the other! We had spent 2 years together and we kept in touch with each other since then. Sophie, I can still remember when you decided to go to America in 2010. We shared a lot of funny stories on the night before the day you left. We ran into a heavy rain and cried for our dreams of the future. Five years has gone since then and I am still one of your closest friends and celebrate with you on this special day. You are my best friend, my elder sister, my life mentor. You touched my heart when I felt hopeless with my life. You kept me company when I suffered from loneliness. You were always there when I wanted to share my feelings and thoughts with you. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend. Remember that I, along with the rest of your friends and family, will be supporting you, and we will always be there.

Before I finish, I’d like to share part of a letter that Sophie has written to me: “Angela, we have been through life’s ups and downs together and we are still standing strong. Life is not easy, just take it easy. The ones who love you will accompany you and share your happiness and sadness. Let us cherish our beautiful memories and what we have now. They will be our treasure in the future. ” Well, Sophie, as you are my friend, I will always have something precious and invaluable in my life.

Please raise your glasses and let us toast this couple. May the happiness you have tonight only be the start of a wonderful life.


My beloved girls~

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